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April 2nd “I Am Offering This Poem” by Jimmy Santiago Baca

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Today’s entry is “I Am Offering This Poem” by Jimmy Santiago Baca. Time to analyze.

Using TPCASTT, we got:

T-Title: The title of the poem makes me think that the speaker is giving the poem he has written to somebody he cares about.

P-Paraphrase: The poem is about all the things the speaker’s poem can do for his lover (providing warm socks, hot socks, etc), and how they will able to comfort the lover throughout troubles and difficulties.

C-Connotation: The form of the poem is free verse, with a repeated line throughout the poem, “I love you.”  The diction resembles that of the language someone would use in a letter. Imagery is used to describe the things the poem can do; “I have nothing else to give you, so it is a pot full of yellow corn to warm your belly in winter” (lines 8-10), is one such example. Point of view is first person. The details of the poem tie in with the imagery. There appear to be no allusions in this poem. Symbolism is used as the poem itself, as it represents the love the speaker has for his lover, in all the things that he can do for them. Figurative language is used in the metaphors the narrator employs to show his love for this lover. I don’t know if this is right or not, but I think an apostrophe is used while the narrator is addressing his lover.

A-Attitude: The speaker’s attitude is intimate and loving. He seems to be poor, but very humble, as he says that he has nothing else to give to his lover other than this poem. It’s apparent that he is deeply in love with his lover, as repeatedly throughout the poem he states “I love you.” I looked up a biography on the author of  this poem, Jimmy Santiago Baca, and I found out that his parents abandoned him, and at 13 he ran away from the orphange he was staying at. At 21, he went to jail for 5 years, where he learned to read and wrote poetry. Because he was poor and didn’t have much to his name, I believe it’s referenced in his poem when he says that he has nothing other than the poem to give to them.

S-Shifts: I don’t see any shifts in tone, voice, setting, etc throughout the poem.

T-Title: The title reinforces the meaning of the poem by showing how the author is giving away the only thing he has to the person he holds dear to his heart.

T-Theme: I believe the theme of the poem is giving someone you truly care about your only possession shows how much you truly love them.

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